Adding Value to Society, One Coin at a Time


DSC03238Charitable Mint is a company dedicated to providing a means and a way to fundraise for your non profit or organization.  With a primary function as a facilitator, The Charitable Mint creates a compelling asset backed campaign for charities,schools and other organizations. We take great pride in providing a unique and profitable way for your organization to grow. Our fine silver custom minted coins are uniquely designed for each campaign, and made of the finest bullion available. Unlike any other fundraisers or giving mechanisms, this truly is a winning combination for both the charity we are supporting, and the donor. Your donors and the supporters of your organization receive something of true value, while in return, generating valueable contributions to their cause.  There is no risk or investment for your organization. We pay for all sales materials, the minting process, and design process, while our customers enjoy profits that surpass other fundraising mechanisms.

Our Founder, spent years in the gold, silver, and fine metals business. He recognized that although some charities had fundraised with coins before, there was a huge opportunity to give back to the community through this process. Instead of a cumbersome, expensive, and long process, or a charity producing “coins” made of cheap metals, he envisioned a mechanism for all to win together. For investors to be able to purchase fine metals for their collections, while charities benefit as well.

The Charitable Mint is proud to be partnered with the world renowned Highland Mint. The Highland Mint is a premiere minting company with over 30+ years of experience. They have produced high quality coins for a variety of well-known and prestigious organizations, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, among others.  The Highland Mint recently produced the Official Super Bowl 50 Coin. All of the products are proudly made in the USA.